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How Connected Construction Leads to Proactive Planning and Execution

Construction projects have many moving parts, and managing all those different elements is crucial for project success. One wrong piece of information can create a snowball effect and potentially lead to project teams building off the wrong set of plans resulting in schedule delays, cost overruns, and a loss in morale.

One way to ensure that teams are coordinated and working off the latest data set is connected construction. By connecting and integrating workflows and data, information flows seamlessly from one system to the next, ensuring collaboration across stakeholders. At its core, connected construction connects teams, processes, and information from start to finish across the project’s lifecycle.


The Role of Connected Construction in Infrastructure 

Andrew Pangallo, Major Projects Construction Manager with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is charged with managing the $2 Billion I-69 Finish Line Corridor project. A once in a generation type project that spans nearly 30 miles and includes 70 bridges. With a grand project such as this, connected construction plays an integral part to ensure that teams can collaborate and work effectively to meet deadlines and produce an exceptional infrastructure asset for the people of Indiana. 

To better understand how Andrew defines connected construction and the value of integrated workflows, we asked, “what does connected construction mean to you?” Andrew shares that not having an efficient, and connected way of sharing data across hundreds of people on one job, leads to wasted time and effort which can negatively impact the project outcome. 


[Video Transcript]

My name is Andrew Pangallo. I’m the Major Projects Construction Manager for the Indiana Department of Transportation.

We’re charged with a very difficult task. To complete the design and construction of this entire corridor, which is 29 miles long, 70 different bridges, in a set time period.

It’s vital that we are proactive in the planning aspect. We’re talking hundreds if not thousands of people all working at once. And in order to do that, everybody needs to know what their role is. They need to be informed. And we need a way to facilitate that.

What connected construction means to me is allowing construction to connect with the different phases of the overall lifecycle. Right now, there’s a drop-off of information, from design to construction to our operations and maintenance and asset management. 

All it takes is one wrong measurement, and you could delay the job by months. We need a better process of collecting that data. 

I’m a big believer in change. You can only get so efficient and productive in your current system, sometimes you need to think what else can I do? That is the only way to move on or progress, is to change the way of doing things.


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