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Commercial and Residential Stucco Finishes

Stucco is a mixture of ground limestone and lime, sand, and water. This mixture has been formed by metering the ingredients of limestone and lime, and when they become wet, this hard rock/ aggregate gets hardened into a hard material known as stucco. Residential Stucco is used for many different projects in the home to provide a decorative and waterproofing surface. Stucco can be mixed with other cement materials such as mortar to create a fine mixture that is very durable and weather resistant.stucco finish

Commercial Stucco Jacksonville FL is used to repair damage in concrete structures to prevent further corrosion. It can also be used to create waterproofing and aesthetic enhancements to buildings. Some residential stucco repairs include repairing cracked windows, mildew in bathrooms and kitchens, and repairing leakages in roofs and pipes. Commercial stucco contractors use a wide range of specialist equipment to perform most residential and commercial stucco repairs.

Residential Stucco consists of Portland cement, sand, and natural lime which are mixed together. The end result is a high-quality, highly dense, resilient product that is highly absorbent. The traditional stucco used is a fine powder made up of Portland cement, sand and water and mixed by either hand or a machine.

Residential Stucco systems are typically built on homes and businesses as small patchwork projects. A single coat stucco repair is done to a single wall in a house or building. Most residential repair work includes interior stucco work as well as exterior stucco work. There is no limit to what may be repaired using a single coat stucco system. This type of repair is not as expensive as other types of repair work and is a much faster process.

Stucco can be applied to any exterior finish and surface. Home and business owners who seek the appearance of stucco but with an additional layer of protection can choose this option. Contractors also work with an interlocking textured coating which provides a smooth, seamless finish for any part of the house or business. The coating is made up of Portland cement, sand, and lime all mixed together. In addition to the smooth exterior finish, the contractors may also provide a fine-textured look to the finish as well.

For the house’s siding, the contractor may use standard Portland cement stucco or a special precast deteriorated iron Portland cement stucco mixture. When applying the Portland cement stucco, the contractor will often use a staining brush to ensure the edges of the house are even. Once the house is painted, the final color will be ensured by adding a fine coating of decorative lime stucco to the siding. The final result is an exquisite and long-lasting finish.

If there is water damage in the house in the process of fixing stucco damage can be sped up by using an ultraviolet (UV) light. This method is considered safe because the UV light damages only damaged cells, unlike the traditional hammering that occurs when moisture seeps into the structure of the wood. The stucco has a higher tolerance to UV than traditional hardwoods, so once the damage has been repaired, it can last for many years. Once the UV light has been removed, the stucco can simply be cleaned and protected from further damage.

The beauty of the Portland cement Stucco Finish is that it provides a great base to work with. If the contractor has a superior quality raw material, the final product will provide a smooth and beautiful finish. As the stucco cures and hardens, it will provide a durable seal that will help keep the moisture out of the house. The sealer is very sturdy and does not allow the rain or moisture to get through. In fact, the sealer can sometimes even make the rainwater runoff instead of pooling on the roof.